▬ Umesh Perera ▬

A. Umesh PERERA is a proud father, technologist, serial inventor and architect working with SME’s, NASDAQ and FTSE 100 corporations alike, with over 25 years of experience and intellectual property in the media, gaming and financial sectors.

He is the founder of Ayozat™, a rapidly growing media technology company, and co-founder of Linkquid™, a company reinventing the ad tech space. He is actively involved in social and political projects to do with youth and education, and chairs an ORG bringing love, hope and opportunity to children, youth, and young adults.

Being a big fan and supporter of the gaming industry for over 3 decades, Umesh has been donating to the gaming esports industry since 1999, with servers, bandwidth, and IP addresses, plus using gaming as a gateway to education.

Umesh with legendary heavy weight world champion boxer David Haye
Umesh with legendary heavyweight world champion boxer David Haye

One of his greatest accomplishments was as a program head working with Frank Schott of Microsoft, in the revolutionary development of systems used to identify refugees, reunite families and re-build war torn areas in the Balkan’s Kosovo war of the late 1990’s, these systems were used to create national backbone systems, like National Insurance, Identity and tax systems. This system has now been adopted and deployed by the UN in other war-torn areas. His expertise has also been used in conflict zones and security needs by UK, US and Europe.

Having chosen the profession of ITC at the age of 14, he began with special interests in algorithms, networking topology, search engines, operating systems, and hardware engineering. Umesh has a vast amount of commercial and R & D experience in algorithms (Markov models, heuristics, game theory and chance), crawling, indexing, blockchain, security, encryption, development and many other areas. He has developed Linux operating systems, worked on the Hadoop and Solr projects and developed servers for the ISP sectors.

As a Research & Development and Security expert he has appeared on ABC News with Bill Gates and Frank Schott, featured and quoted in industry press, including Future publishing, VNU, Reed and IT online media. For his social and political work, he has appeared on UK national and local press, as well as online publications.